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CTTK Network AntiVirus Server

Virus and worms can cripple your computer system, decreasing productivity. Protect yourself with a CTTK Network AntiVirus Server.

Central Management Console

  • Provides a single management console that makes it easy to install and administer Norton AntiVirus enterprise-wide across a variety of mixed-desktop and server platforms:
    * MS-DOS
    * Windows 3.x
    * Windows 98/95
    * Windows NT/2000 file/print servers and desktops
    * Novell® NetWare
  • Distributes new and updated Norton AntiVirus software, virus definitions, and product configuration files automatically to client and server systems from a central location
  • Saves you the time and cost of traveling from machine to machine, installing applications, updates, and files on servers and workstations
  • Helps you to get up-to-speed faster, requiring you to learn only one management tool for your organization's anti-virus solution.
  • Snaps into the Microsoft® Management Console (MMC), providing a familiar interface to MMC users.
  • Lets you discover (identify) your network's complete topology, including all servers and desktop PCs, from a single, central console-decreasing the time and effort associated with initial domain and node set-up.
  • Provides real-time communication with clients, giving you an up-to-the-minute status of your network. Note: Requires a single Windows NT Workstation or Server to operate
Remote Operations & On-Demand Management
  • Allows you to view all servers and clients within a domain and to initiate a virus sweep, manual or scheduled scan across your entire enterprise directly from the administrator console-saving you time and effort.
  • Provides easy access to sometimes-connected desktops and laptops, allowing you to keep these hard-to-reach systems up-to-date. Using unique, advanced technology from Symantec, you can send virus definitions as compact email attachments to remote clients. End users download the files and install the updates themselves, keeping them in sync with the rest of the organization-easily and inexpensively.
Policy Enforcement
  • Provides complete control, allowing you to set and monitor client/server configurations remotely to ensure that established corporate security policies are enforced.
  • Lets you lock down client configurations or make the client user interface invisible to prevent end users from disabling or modifying their anti-virus settings.
  • Reduces the chances of a virus entering your organization due to policy violations.
Event Management and Reporting
  • Provides complete, centralized event logging, which can be queried, sorted, and viewed, allowing you to locate and cure virus problems quickly.
  • Alerts you immediately to virus activity within your organization via several methods:
    * Pager
    * Internet e-mail
    * Message box
    * Executing a special program or SNMP trap
    * Network broadcast alerts to domains, systems, or users
  • Allows you to configure Norton AntiVirus to respond automatically when an event occurs, letting you choose the level of automation to suit the needs of your organization.
  • Increases system uptime and IT credibility by allowing you to pinpoint and eliminate virus threats quickly and completely.
Easy Migration
  • Overlays older versions of Norton AntiVirus desktop and server software automatically during the installation process, saving time and reducing total cost of ownership.
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