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CTTK focuses on providing you with the competitive advantage of a complete enterprise information technology solution that ensures you strong business value, and immediate return on information technology investment at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

If yours is like many small or medium size businesses today, you are busy adapting and trying to understand the challenges and opportunities brought by the Internet and Information Technology (IT) in general. A lot of your time is spent trying to figure out the best alternatives for your organization while still having to do what your business is all about.

CTTK understands your goals and limitations and can make the transition easier. Now you can use sophisticated enterprise IT to improve all your business operations—from how your employees work together to how you extend your network to customers and partners - While at the same time lowering the Total Cost of Ownership of a computer system.

CTTK specializes in small-medium size organizations. Our complete solutions utilize wireless networks, the Windows 2000® Server multipurpose network operating system, and Internet technologies to help your organization achieve your IT goals within realistic budgets.

CTTK takes full advantage of technologies and methodologies once restricted to Fortune 500 companies. The costs of these technologies have dropped to the point where even the smallest business can use them to maximize their effectiveness. Furthermore, wireless technologies, employed internally or externally have greatly reduced the corresponding implementation time. Combined, these make for a compelling argument to improve your computer system and business operations.

Within this site you'll find specific technology offerings. To have a suite of technologies combined and customized for your business, contact CTTK today.

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