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Moving to Windows XP Professional

While there are hundreds of compelling reasons to get Windows XP Professional, these are the 10 at the top of the list.

Business-Level Reliability
Windows XP delivers a new level of stability, so you can focus on your work. For example, in most cases, if one program crashes, your computer will keep running.

Advanced Performance
Windows XP manages system resources efficiently, meeting the performance standards set by Windows 2000 and exceeding by 46% those set by Windows 98 Second Edition.

Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop allows you to create a virtual session and use your desktop computer from another computer running Windows 95 or later, giving you access to all of your data and applications even when you're not in your office.

New Task-based Visual Design
Get to your most commonly used tasks quickly, thanks to a cleaner design and new visual cues.

Wireless 802.1x Networking Support
Wireless 802.1x Networking Support provides support for secured access, as well as performance improvements for wireless networks.

Windows Messenger
Windows Messenger is the easy way to communicate and collaborate in real time on your computer. You can see the online status of your contacts and choose to communicate with them through text, voice, or video with better performance and higher quality.

Encrypting File System
Encrypting File System provides a high level of protection from hackers and data theft by transparently encrypting files with a randomly generated key.

Fast Resume from Hibernation or Standby
Save battery power when you're working on the road. With Windows XP your laptop can enter Standby or Hibernate faster, and it can start working again faster after resuming from Standby or Hibernation.

Help and Support Center with Remote Assistance
In addition to a comprehensive set of documentation, Help and Support Center in Windows XP includes Remote Assistance, which allows you to have a friend or IT professional who is also running Windows XP remotely control your computer to demonstrate a process or help solve a problem.

System Restore
If something goes wrong with your computer, you can revert the system back to a previous state.

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